Sunday, 13 December 2009

Let the search commence

Monty ready for the 1st day!!!

Monty on Guard Duty ..ready to go!!

Day 1 ...Montys Story
Well there i was sleeping like a duckling when the boys alarm went off and he was scrambling around trying to find all his gear for that first day.It was still pitch black outside our snuggerly tent!! here we were just outside Zagora(Sahara desert Morocco!)getting ready for 5 days of Heuchera hunting(disguising it as a 100mile walk for "Help 4 Heroes" by the Pilgrim Bandits).So whilst young Sean Got his morning coffee + breakfast (of course saving me a few crumbs) i got my kit ready!!

Day1....Seans Story
The butterflies in my stomach were really having a field day this morning,it was finally time to get this walk underway.Having packed Monty into the rucksack i wandered over to get loaded up with water and a packed lunch(was it duck?? phew its ok chicken+ bread).There was 24 of us (and Monty) all very apprehensive of what was in store!!.Today we would be going over a pass of 1100m and would get fairly warm 40 degrees C. So off we went!! The first 6-7miles were pretty easy,the heat had not really got up yet and was only in the 20"s,we had a couple of stops before the trek up the pass started,as we started up the pass the wind dropped off and the heat came into the equation!! The line of walkers was already strung out over a couple of miles between the first and last groups. So up the pass we huffed and puffed getting to the top at about midday,everyone came together at the top for lunch. Day1....Montys story Off we go i"m sitting on the boys back in a very uncomfortable bag nestled in between water bottles and sandwiches,looking back the way we had come!! i think riding a camel must be close to what i was experiencing, bouncing around from one side to the other. well i was looking the right way..............down,not much luck on the Heuchera hunting front in fact not many plants of any description. Day1....Seans story After lunch it was time to put the boots back on and start out again,the terrain was now more difficult boulders ranging from 18inch to 3inch no real path ,picking away through these stones was quite stressful on the neck as we had to look for the easiest route.We came back together for water breaks every hour and a half.

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