Wednesday, 26 May 2010

It's a Silver Gilt for Heucheraholics at Chelsea

On press day I visited Jooles and Sean on their 'Sweet Tea' themed stand, once again they pulled off a great display, it was fun, bright and the plant quality was top notch. I had to beat a hasty retreat from the scene due to a reaction to the overpowering stench of the Hyacinths next door but returned later upwind and managed to avoid any further symptoms.

Why didn't the stand get Gold - easy answer Jooles made a cheeky comment about the tie worn by one of the judges and I'm sure that let the treasured Gold slip away..........there can't have been any other reason, or could there?........was the absence of the Duck talisman responsible. Either way, the stand was a hit with the public and that's what matters.

The theme was developed around the new variety of Heucherella 'Sweet tea' - the roof of the little shed was covered in Sweet Tea and the bright planters were oversized tea cups. Sean even did a flower arrangement! follow.

Many people commented on the interesting flowers of the new Heucheras and Heucherellas, they are really quite fascinating and worthy of close inspection, I can see flower arrangers following Seans lead and growing Heucs just for their flowers, he's such a trend setter.

Just look at that fantastic Pinot Gris below, how yummy is that!.........and note the flowers all around. One of the varieties used a lot in the stand was Heucherella 'Fan Dancer' it's a fat healthy plant that makes a great foil for the more colourful varieties - but it's a cracking plant in it's own right and has lovely white flowers.  It was great to see some old favourites putting on a good show, there was a fine example H. Plum Pudding and a few other not-so-new ones showing that it's not all about the latest intros.

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  1. Oh yes the tie.......sorry judgey....its a beautiful tie and it matches the tea cups!!
    Very very tasteful!!