Thursday, 13 May 2010

Look closely at Viking Ship

Here's a little treat - did you ever get down on your knees and look closely at the flowers of Heucherellas?

To really appreciate the photo click it for the bigger version

It's well worth trying, they are little gems, this one is the flower of H. 'Viking Ship'. A strange name for such a delicate thing but hey-ho, there must be a reason. I keep trying to see if the leaf markings resemble the prow of a Viking ship but perhaps my imagination isn't good enough to see it.

The marrying of Heuchera and Tiarella has been very fruitful, there are more and more real gems available.

You can see our range of Heucherellas on the main web site: Heucheraholics

My current favourite of all the tribe is Heucherella 'Sweet Tea' - this one is surely due a star role in the near future!
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  1. Viking ship is a little sits quietly being delightful in a shady corner.
    I also love the heucherellas as they are soft and leafy with really delicate spires of foamy flowers that lift a semi shady patch....
    They are also very easy to grow and if they get a bit scruffy they love to have a haircut and they bounce back in half an hour!I usually do Seans hair at the same time!!!!