Saturday, 29 May 2010

Mary Kate loves Heucheraholics

A nice blog post about us:

Favourite Stand in the Great Pavilion – Sweet Tea Cafe

I confess to never having heard of Heucheras, but I just fell in love with them, and absolutely adored this stand. I’m reliably informed by Jooles, a self confessed heucheraholic, that the inspiration for the Sweet tea cafe theme came from the names of the varieties – and with names like creme brulee, vanilla spice, strawberry swirl, key lime pie cappuccino, chocolate ruffles, tiramisu, it’s easy to understand why! Of course how could Tea with Mary Kate resist the wonderful green shed and amazing purple tea cups!
These pretty plants are great for shade, and with such diversity of form. Rather worryingly, I am beginning to understand the obsession – Geisha’s fan and blackberry jam just two more gorgeous names for equally gorgeous plants.
Thanks Mary Kate


  1. It was brilliant to meet someone who loves the tea cups as much as we do!!! Lovely to meet you!! x x

  2. I visited Chelsea with my mum, where we both absolutely loved your beautiful display of Heucheras. I am a Hampshire lass and am coming your way on 1st June, is the nursery open to the public or is it mail order only? I would love to bring back some friends to my two rather lonely heuchera. Thanks Tricia

  3. Hi Tricia
    You are welcome to come to the nursery but will have to catch us in between shows!
    Ring us to find out when we are around ..