Thursday, 29 July 2010

We struck gold at the New Forest Show

Hot on the heels of Tatton park came the New Forest show, it was panic stations to get the stand together as well as a right mission to find enough show plants, but we made it. Our efforts well rewarded with a shiny gold award!
Heuchera 'Sugar Plum' was looking good at the New Forest Show

Our shiny Gold card and a small plastic sheep.
Heuchera 'Sugar Plum' was looking especially yummy on the stand and aroused a lot of interest.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Fifty fifty - a new Heuchera.....or just a curiosity?

Here's another clip from Graham Rice, he spotted one of Joole's 'sports' at Hampton Court and did a little piece about it on the RHS web site

Something to do with an old herb pot

You can plant all kinds of things in Strawberry and Herb pots......Heucheras seem really happy in them, I guess it's the good drainage. You can position the pot so that the shade lovers are on the shady side and the........well you get the picture.

In my example I've used a rainbow of colours but the simple use of two colours might look better, or perhaps add some other plant into the mix, maybe a Hosta or two.

I used a coarse compost that had loads of stringy stuff in it, this helped hold the compost from sneaking out at the sides of the plant.....take a bit of care watering until the Heucs are rooted, you don't want to flush the soil out of the planting holes.

Watering is easier if you plonk the whole thing in a shallow saucer, the terracotta will wick the water up and ensure that the bottom plants grow as well as the ones at the top.

You could add some crocus bulbs, they would flower at the time when Heucheras are not looking their best and so keep the pot looking pretty.
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Monday, 19 July 2010

Graham Rice places Heuchera 'Regina' in a top 10

Graham seems to like doing 'top 10's''s his latest. It's the top 10 plants for dry shade and the full list is one the RHS web site: Top 10 plants for dry shade

You'll see that a Heuchera has made it into the list, no surprise there as many Heucheras are natives of woodland and such habitats often get dry in Summer....the plants have evolved to cope. H. 'Regina' has been selected because it copes especially well:

H. 'Regina' is one of the many varieties we can supply, take a look at our Heuchera shop

Monday, 12 July 2010

Heucheraholics -Gala Night at Hampton Court!! Hic!! Porter -Thanks Laura!!

We're in the top ten!

Graham Rice did a top ten new plants at Hampton Court 2010 and one of our plants was chosen. We'll forgive him for getting the name wrong (it's Fan Dancer) and also for using the USA 'HOOKERA' pronunciation.....the important thing is that Graham picked one of ours out of the thousands there.

Fan Dancer is a great variety, that's why we gave it such prominence on our show stand......can you buy it from us?.......I'll have to check with Jooles, watch this space! and also you need to know that Solva Plants is the other name for Heucheraholics.

To view the video click the pointy arrow thing and the black hole will burst into life