Monday, 12 July 2010

We're in the top ten!

Graham Rice did a top ten new plants at Hampton Court 2010 and one of our plants was chosen. We'll forgive him for getting the name wrong (it's Fan Dancer) and also for using the USA 'HOOKERA' pronunciation.....the important thing is that Graham picked one of ours out of the thousands there.

Fan Dancer is a great variety, that's why we gave it such prominence on our show stand......can you buy it from us?.......I'll have to check with Jooles, watch this space! and also you need to know that Solva Plants is the other name for Heucheraholics.

To view the video click the pointy arrow thing and the black hole will burst into life

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  1. Sorry, sorry... 'Fan Dancer', not 'Fan Dance'. It's right on this page, though - And I think my pronunciation is a sort of hybrid version - comes of spending time on both sides of the Atlantic.