Thursday, 12 August 2010

Wow!.......our catalogue now on-line for you to download

Heucheraholics Catalogue
We launched our gorgeous glossy catalogue at Chelsea and thousands were picked up in the five days but we know that there are a few of you who didn't make it to Chelsea so now you can get you hands on a digital version from our web site.

The file is a pdf, most computers can view pdf files, in fact most browsers will let you view it as though it was a web page. Be a little patient, it will take a couple of minutes to download as there are 20 pages, much of which is full colour photos - it's worth the wait!

The Heucheraholics catalogue has Jooles own descriptions for all of the plants within it. Unlike most web sites and catalogues Jooles has created descriptions that avoid USA terminology - and she has done them in her own inimitable style. We can't promise that all the varieties in the catalogue are available all the time, so look at the main web site for details of availability.

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