Friday, 20 August 2010

So what does a one litre plant look like?

Heucheraholics supply almost all of their plants  in one litre pots. That means you get stonking plants that are strong enough to get established quickly, they are so much bigger than the plugs and bare root plants that many other nurseries sell.

Remember to water plants in well when you plant them, this first watering is more about settling them in than keeping them moist......even if you plant them in the rain you will still need to give them a good soak.

The plant on the right is typical, some times they'll be bigger and occasionally in the Spring they'll be a tad smaller. Of course size will vary a bit according to variety, some like 'Brownies' get big quickly, others are more petite.

Top of the pile plants

I visited the Heucheraholics nursery today with the camera and I was totally amazed at the quality of the plants.

The new growing facility has really made a difference. Despite the variable weather the plants look perfect. The range of colours is impressive looks like a great time to buy some plants as they are all big and fat after a good growing season.

Here's a selection of varieties that are ideal for shady places.
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Some strange goings on at Shrewsbury Flower Show!!!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Wow!.......our catalogue now on-line for you to download

Heucheraholics Catalogue
We launched our gorgeous glossy catalogue at Chelsea and thousands were picked up in the five days but we know that there are a few of you who didn't make it to Chelsea so now you can get you hands on a digital version from our web site.

The file is a pdf, most computers can view pdf files, in fact most browsers will let you view it as though it was a web page. Be a little patient, it will take a couple of minutes to download as there are 20 pages, much of which is full colour photos - it's worth the wait!

The Heucheraholics catalogue has Jooles own descriptions for all of the plants within it. Unlike most web sites and catalogues Jooles has created descriptions that avoid USA terminology - and she has done them in her own inimitable style. We can't promise that all the varieties in the catalogue are available all the time, so look at the main web site for details of availability.