Friday, 19 August 2011

Graham Rice shows his appreciation of Heucheras

The Transatlantic Gardener AKA Graham Rice has done a couple of items about Heucheras recently. The latest one discusses the way the foliage of a plant can change through the passings seasons.
Have a look: Heucheras changing through the seasons.

Friday, 1 July 2011


No 1 rule - Never take the kids to Chlelsea ....
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Gone to Pot

The Heucheraholics Chelsea breakdown team had seiously gone to pot .....
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Stow away

It appeared on removal of the display at Chelsea we had acquired a stowaway !Nice try Ali !
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Liitle Dutch Boy....

John was very very proud of his lilies so much so he dressed up and got on the stage with them !
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Gardeners World Live -Display

Judge dread had it in for us ... He polished up his mono focal lense and said he thought it a little incy wincy bit purple ......

I'm not sure what he means ..So A sparkly silver gilt for us!!
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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Who is it ?

Does anyone recognise this man??
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Duck on a hot tin roof !

The heat was on at Gardeners World live ...
Little Duck was found on the hot tin roof in the Pennards Gold medal winning Display ...
In all her excitment at the glimmer of gold she could not stop herself from sliding down leaving behind a trail of fried eggs !
Well done to Pennards !- Sorry for any damage done to your chickens !
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The duck with the golden handshake

Oh La la !! Great excitment for monty the duck as he discovers a pot of Gold in a display !
Its not his own display it belongs to a grumpy old man named Mr Wilson !
He grows beautiful ferns and he got his Ist ever gold medal at Gardeners world live
At age 73 Mr Grumpy has nothing to be grumpy about any more -
He is now offically a Golden Grumpy Old Git !
Well done to John from BENTLEY PLANTS ...
Go and buy some ferns from him and give him a big pat on the back !
He will be at Hampton Court for autograph signing !

We are proud proud proud of him!!!
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Ask the Experts

Monty the Duck got very excited at Gardeners World Live -
He was chosen from a clutch of many other ducks to share his knowledge in a series of questions and answers from a lively audience !

Luckily no one attempted to trip him up !
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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

New Heucheras, Heucherellas and Tiarellas coming to Heucheraholics soon

We have a lot of goodies coming along for you during the end of Summer through until Autumn

From Thierry Delabroye a skilled nurseryman in France we have Heuchera 'Tara', 'Pretty Perrine' and Magnum...I think 'Vulcano' might be coming along too.

Tiarellas: 'Crow Feather', Oregon Trails, Skids Variegated, Timbuktu, Candy Striper, Pacific ridge, Sunset ridge

Trailing Heucherellas: Redstone Falls and Yellowstone Falls.

These varieties will gradually become available starting mid-July until Mid September. Pop your email in the form on the front page and we'll keep you informed.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Oh Dear .....

Oh dear -can any body tell me what this says?? I think I'm gonna get a ticket ...

Just Wed ...

On reflection we reckon the Heucheraholics display at Chelsea lost points on one small tiny point.....

We think thatJudge dread -(The one with the vey beady eyes )spotted the fatal error in our display that brought it down from a big fat gold to a Very shiney Silver Gilt...

Sean had forgotten to tax the car !!!! Sean !!!!!!! How could you ???

Last year it was the comment about the judges tie ...

We will have to be much more careful.......
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After telling Sean not to park the car in the Great Pavillion at Chelsea Flower show Jooles was aghast to find it had been clamped and so had to remain in situe for the whole duration of the show..Who was going to feed the parking meter ??
The Heucheraholical magic worked on this couple ..
AS they passed by the Heucheraholics
'Just Wed' display they could not help themselves stopping off to tie the knot.......

Chelsea Flower Show What to wear !

Aspidistra shorts were all in Vogue
at Chelsea Flower show ...
Just wear once and then add them to the compost bin!!

These could be a little problematic in emergencies !

JLS giving the Heucheraholics display the big thumbs up !

Chelsea 2011 with the topical theme of Just Wed !!!

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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Trailing Tiarellas,

There aren't many good hardy, evergreen, trailing, foliage plants. Ivy comes to mind as the best known otherwise nothing
 much of note until now....enter the trailing Tiarellas. These trailers have just appeared on the scene, quietly with very little razzmatazz, slightly odd given just how useful they are for both ground cover and for use in container planting.
Tiarella 'Happy Trails'
Jooles and  Sean have recognised that trailing Tiarellas have great potential as hanging basket plants, they have a good sellection planted up as a trial and who knows perhaps they'll get used in the Chelsea 2011 stand.

'Happy Trails' (sounds as though it was named by the Nissan car company back in the 80's) is performing very well in the Heucheraholics trial.
My favourite is 'Appalachian Trails' (I like that name, a nice double meaning of the Trails word there) the foliage is neat and beautifully marked here's a shot of the lovely young plants growing and showing the mass effect. Hmm, come to think of it these trailers mostly have 'Trails' names with the first part being some USA mountain range.....clever. There's a 'Cascade Trails' and an 'Oregon Trail'.  'Cascade Creeper' and 'Jeepers Creepers' break the trail theme though.....what fun it must be naming new plants.

You don't have to grow these trailers in hanging baskets. In a shade border they can be left to romp around and do a good job of ground covering. Another way to enjoy them is in tall pots, the Yorkshire flower pots long toms would be ideal, just let them trail over the sides and cascade down to the ground.

Don't you just love spell checkers...Tiarellas shows as being better spelled: Interstellar, tessellation, or best of all Cinderella and that seems quite appropriate given that Heucheras have tended to steal the limelight from Tiarellas until now.

Richard Loader for Heucherahol

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Gold at the RHS Halls

Heucheraholics took a Silver award at the RHS Halls show this week, a seriously good result given that it's very early for Heucheras - the plants looked great, and were showing off their cold weather colours whch are just as exciting as the summer growth, just more subtle.

The Gold was in the form of the new salver that Sean is shown modelling.... a classy way to hand change to customers..... and a cunning method of avoiding passing over grubby, wet change from a mucky nurseryman's mitts (perhaps that should read: nurseryman's mucky mitts).

Heuchera 'Snowstorm' was looking especially dramatic in it's intense mottly Winter 'plumage' . The Purple Heucheras were eyecatching too, so much so that a couple of varieties have sold out ...but they'll be back soon.
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Friday, 11 February 2011

Send a heucheraholical ecard to an fellow addict

We have just added an ecard page to our web site, just a bit of fun for Heuchera addicts like ourselves. It's free and very easy to use. As time goes by we'll add more images, maybe a New Forest pony or even the infamous Monty Duck. Heucheraholics eCards

This is what it looks like, don't click the send button here it won't do anything!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tiarella Time

Tiarellas and Heucheras are good chums, they have a lot in common. They both have woodland origins and like some shade, of course they both have fantastic foliage but when it comes to flowers most people would agree that Tiarellas are way out in front in terms of earliness, prettiness and quantity of flowers.

Tiarellas on the Nursery are looking plumptious, full of promise so it's a great time to get some in. Plant them now and you'll get full benefit of this seasons flowers.

Take a look at the Tiarellas available from our nursery

Friday, 28 January 2011

Heucheraholics web site being updated

Time for a Spring clean, clear up some messy bits and tidy up the rest. Our web site is getting a bit of a face-lift, it will still be quirky and eccentric but the plan is that you'll find your way around easier and there are some new plant groups.

Look out for Pulmonarias, they associate so well with Heucheras and as well as their striking foliage they have very pretty flowers early in the Spring. More info to follow soon.....but a tip, Opal is a winner.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Heucheraholics Hit France!! Courson October 2010

As an end of term party for the ducks
Heucheraholics hit France!
We thought we had got away with our complete'mastery' of the language
...I mean ...How difficult can it be??
He haw he haw.....Oh la la !! Easy as ABC.....apparantly not!
Jooles couldn't understand why the very nice lady looked surprised when she was told to plant her Heucheras on the moon....???
A horrible misunderstanding......
But the ducks were ecstatic to win a prize !! They had no idea what it was for but they loved it just the same!!!
It turned out to be a very worthy prize for our lovely Heuchera collection!! We were very chuffed ..especially when presented with a large bottle of the finest French Champagne!!
Our Ist experience in showing in France was fun and we will be back!!
Thank you to all the very patient customers for their humour and tolerance!!!!