Saturday, 8 January 2011

Heucheraholics Hit France!! Courson October 2010

As an end of term party for the ducks
Heucheraholics hit France!
We thought we had got away with our complete'mastery' of the language
...I mean ...How difficult can it be??
He haw he haw.....Oh la la !! Easy as ABC.....apparantly not!
Jooles couldn't understand why the very nice lady looked surprised when she was told to plant her Heucheras on the moon....???
A horrible misunderstanding......
But the ducks were ecstatic to win a prize !! They had no idea what it was for but they loved it just the same!!!
It turned out to be a very worthy prize for our lovely Heuchera collection!! We were very chuffed ..especially when presented with a large bottle of the finest French Champagne!!
Our Ist experience in showing in France was fun and we will be back!!
Thank you to all the very patient customers for their humour and tolerance!!!!

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