Thursday, 17 February 2011

Gold at the RHS Halls

Heucheraholics took a Silver award at the RHS Halls show this week, a seriously good result given that it's very early for Heucheras - the plants looked great, and were showing off their cold weather colours whch are just as exciting as the summer growth, just more subtle.

The Gold was in the form of the new salver that Sean is shown modelling.... a classy way to hand change to customers..... and a cunning method of avoiding passing over grubby, wet change from a mucky nurseryman's mitts (perhaps that should read: nurseryman's mucky mitts).

Heuchera 'Snowstorm' was looking especially dramatic in it's intense mottly Winter 'plumage' . The Purple Heucheras were eyecatching too, so much so that a couple of varieties have sold out ...but they'll be back soon.
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  1. Lovely to see you and Jules again :)

    Have sent Arabella an e-card ;)

  2. Te He ! The sock will be very happy !
    See you soon !