Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Trailing Tiarellas,

There aren't many good hardy, evergreen, trailing, foliage plants. Ivy comes to mind as the best known otherwise nothing
 much of note until now....enter the trailing Tiarellas. These trailers have just appeared on the scene, quietly with very little razzmatazz, slightly odd given just how useful they are for both ground cover and for use in container planting.
Tiarella 'Happy Trails'
Jooles and  Sean have recognised that trailing Tiarellas have great potential as hanging basket plants, they have a good sellection planted up as a trial and who knows perhaps they'll get used in the Chelsea 2011 stand.

'Happy Trails' (sounds as though it was named by the Nissan car company back in the 80's) is performing very well in the Heucheraholics trial.
My favourite is 'Appalachian Trails' (I like that name, a nice double meaning of the Trails word there) the foliage is neat and beautifully marked here's a shot of the lovely young plants growing and showing the mass effect. Hmm, come to think of it these trailers mostly have 'Trails' names with the first part being some USA mountain range.....clever. There's a 'Cascade Trails' and an 'Oregon Trail'.  'Cascade Creeper' and 'Jeepers Creepers' break the trail theme though.....what fun it must be naming new plants.

You don't have to grow these trailers in hanging baskets. In a shade border they can be left to romp around and do a good job of ground covering. Another way to enjoy them is in tall pots, the Yorkshire flower pots long toms would be ideal, just let them trail over the sides and cascade down to the ground.

Don't you just love spell checkers...Tiarellas shows as being better spelled: Interstellar, tessellation, or best of all Cinderella and that seems quite appropriate given that Heucheras have tended to steal the limelight from Tiarellas until now.

Richard Loader for Heucherahol

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