Sunday, 26 June 2011

Duck on a hot tin roof !

The heat was on at Gardeners World live ...
Little Duck was found on the hot tin roof in the Pennards Gold medal winning Display ...
In all her excitment at the glimmer of gold she could not stop herself from sliding down leaving behind a trail of fried eggs !
Well done to Pennards !- Sorry for any damage done to your chickens !
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  1. Whoever had the idea of placing this duck doll on top of this roof is a very creative person. This only shows that even rusty roofs can be a perfect spot for taking pictures. Well, that does make sense, since roofs are where you can usually spot some great sceneries. And that rust on the roof adds drama to the pictures.

    Chantey Smithingell

  2. The tin roof, despite being highly resistant to corrosion, will corrode over time. However, by coating it with paint, you will prolong the life of the tin roof. And I would suggest white paint for that because of its environmental benefits. By the way, that little duck looks cute on top of that rusty roof. And the story made it even cuter. Haha.

    Richard Boles